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Corporate plaques and trophies are essential tools for awarding individuals in the corporate sector. The trophies are necessary for acknowledging the goals an individual or team has achieved in the various departments. There are various types of gifts and awards used in corporate rewarding; but lately, there have been trendy types of trophies mostly made of glass, that have become very popular. There are not precisely new trends because the design has been around since the inception of corporate rewards. What has happened however is that, the glass engraved trophies have gained a renewed form of attractiveness because of modern technology, which has made the engraving process a lot more easier. This process is known as laser graving and it has become widely accepted in the trophy industry, because it is accurate and the etchings are quite deeper. Usually, the engraving was only done on metal materials, but nowadays crystal and glass can be graved, thanks to this innovative laser technology. Laser makes this process possible because it is so fine and small that there is less probability of the glass or crystal breaking, while engraving.

Engraving process being possible in glass material these days has made the usage of glass trophies very fashionable. The art of engraving is an ideal way to customize a corporate trophy. Generally, the simpler the trophy's design, the better the crafting that can be achieved. Trophies, which are engraved, are a bit sentimental as they have that personal touch, compared to trophies that are not engraved. For instance, a name of the person being issued or a special message can be engraved, on the trophy.

Glass trophies and plaques though are a bit new in this industry, since in the past, there used only to be trophies made of metal and wood. Trophy makers had been searching for a more appealing material to use, and glass obviously caught their eyes due to its shiny nature. In addition, glass can easily be modified into various shape and sizes hence making it an ideal material for these processes. Companies have highly favored glass trophies in their various award ceremonies due to its futuristic and elegant look. When glass is displayed, its sparkly and crystal-clear reflections can be seen in all directions, further making the glass more superior to other materials. The latest 3D designs have not bypassed the trophy industry, and glass being highly flexible has been much involved in this design. When you opt for 3D glass corporate trophies to use in your company award ceremonies, you send out a note that you are not only enthusiastic of technology and new ideas, but also you highly value and recognize your employees. Therefore, do not feel hesitant to choose a glass made trophies or plaques; it can be engraved and customized to your preferences, just like trophies made from other materials.

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